Best Nature Calendars to Keep you Connected with the Natural World

Best Nature Calendar 2023

Nature-themed calendars let you celebrate all of the natural wonders around you without having to leave your house or even open a window! 

This type of calendar includes images of trees, flowers, mountains, and other scenic images. This calendar is a great way to get inspired by nature every day, and it can also help you stay organized.

If you are looking for a unique way to commemorate special occasions or simply want to document your life as it happens, then check out a nature-themed calendar today!

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Top 20 Best Nature Calendars 2023

Why Would Anyone Want a Nature Calendar?

The appeal of nature-themed calendars is obvious: they’re beautiful, tranquil and inspirational. But what’s behind the popularity of these calendars? 

Some people say that nature-themed calendars are therapeutic, while others claim they’re simply prettier than other calendar options. 

Whatever the reason, nature-themed calendars are a popular choice for those who want to de-stress and take a break from their chaotic lives.

What Makes a Good Nature Calendar?

When it comes to nature-themed calendars, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the calendar should be visually appealing. 

It should be easy to see each month’s featured animal or plant, and the art should be colorful and descriptive. 

Also, the calendar should contain information about each featured animal or plant, such as where it is from and what it eats. 

Finally, the calendar should be reasonably priced so everyone can enjoy it!

The Benefit of Owning a Nature Calendar

Nature is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It is an essential part of our environment and has innumerable benefits that we can enjoy. 

Owning a nature-themed calendar can be a great way to appreciate all of these benefits, both now and in the future. Here are just a few:

  1. A sense of accomplishment – Owning and filling up your calendar with pictures of beautiful nature scenes can be a real motivator to get you out there and enjoying the outdoors.
  2. Increased well-being – Spending time in nature is known to have many health benefits, including reducing stress levels and improving moods.
  3. Better sleep – When you’re spending time in the beautiful scenery before bed can help promote a restful night’s sleep.
  4. More entertaining moments – Watching the sunset or sunrise from your balcony or patio is always a pleasure, but adding some wildlife sightings as well? Even better!
  5. Increased creativity – Spending time in nature has been proven to increase creativity and problem-solving skills, two things that are badly needed today more than ever.
  6. Calendars are an excellent way to keep track of appointments and commitments. With a nature-themed calendar, you can see at a glance what you have scheduled for the week and make better decisions based on priorities.
  7. A nature-themed calendar can help you learn more about plants and animals. By observing their habitats on the calendar pages, you will be better equipped to appreciate these creatures and care for them properly in your own garden or backyard.
  8. The calendars can help promote environmental awareness. By having a calendar with pictures of beautiful landscapes and wildlife, you are more likely to take action to protect these areas.

How to Choose the Perfect Nature Calendar

Nature is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s full of colors, smells, and sounds. 

If you want to make your home more environmentally friendly, why not choose a nature-themed calendar? There are all sorts of different calendars out there, so it can be hard to decide which one to buy. 

Here are some tips on choosing the perfect nature-themed calendar:

  1. Decide what type of nature you want to see on your calendar. Do you want to see pictures of flowers, trees, animals, or landscapes?
  2. Choose a calendar with pictures of real plants and animals instead of cartoon characters or paintings. This will give you an accurate representation of what the month looks like, and it will be more interesting to look at.
  3. Look for a calendar that has different themes each month. This will give your home a more thorough environmental cleanse every month.
  4. Make sure the calendar includes images from all four seasons. Not only does this make it more comprehensive, but it also gives you a sense of hope as the seasons change.
  5. Consider whether or not you want a monthly view or an annual view. Consider choosing a nature-themed calendar with monthly pages if you want a monthly view. This way, you can easily see what’s coming up in the next month and plan your days accordingly. If you prefer an annual view, choose a calendar with large pages showing many months at once. This way, you can see the year’s progression and track your achievements more easily.
  6. Consider how much space you have on your wall and decide if a large or small calendar is better for you.
  7. Consider budget constraints. How much money are you willing to spend? If you’re on a tight budget, consider opting for a spiral or photo journal-style calendar instead of an expensive hardcover one. These calendars are typically cheaper and include more pages per month.
  8. Finally, take into account how often you’ll use the calendar. If it’s for planning special events or marking appointments, then a more detailed calendar is better suited than if it’s only for decoration.


A good nature calendar is one that is easy to use and helps you keep track of your conservation goals. It should also be colorful and engaging, with pictures relevant to the month’s theme. It should also provide information on nature events in a way that is both easy to understand and interesting to read.

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