Blossom All Year Long: The 11 Best Flower Calendars for a Flourishing Year!

Best Flower Calendar for Blossoming Year Ahead

A flower calendar isn’t just a humble tool to remember the date—it’s a breathtaking ride through the captivating beauty of nature’s artwork! 

Each new page turn brings 

  • a fresh, 
  • vibrant scene to life, 
  • sparking wonder and joy throughout the year.

Here we go Top 11 Best Flower Calendars of 2024—Each calendar we’re about to share with you has been carefully selected to inspire awe, relaxation, and admiration for nature’s handiwork.

Top 11 Flower Calendars for 2024

With each passing month, you'll be treated to a stuning display of outdoor flowers. From delicate daisies to resplendent roses, every page bursts with colors that'll make you say, "Wow!" It's like having a secret garden right in your home, thanks to these beautiful pictures.

The calendar's practicality is the real petal-icious deal!

Not only do you get a year's worth of floral eye-candy, but each month also offers a handy look back/forward feature, so you can keep track of special moments and plan ahead for those exciting flower-filled days.
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This colorful gem is more than just a date-keeper; it's like having a vibrant garden blooming right on your wall!

Also, the 12" x 12" size is perfect - not too big, - not too small - just right for both your home and office. And let's talk about the thick paper! No more flimsy calendars that tear easily; this one is built to last!
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Thanks to the incredible images by renowned photographer Tony Howell, each month bursts with ephemeral beauty, vivid colors, and the spirit of flowers that will leave you in awe!

But it's not just about the looks. This calendar means business when it comes to planning. With its large monthly grids, jotting down important dates and events is as easy as pie.
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This calendar is a journey through the vibrant and awe-inspiring beauty of sunflowers, it isn't just your run-of-the-mill planner. Each month—we're treated to stunning, full-color photographs that'll make your heart skip a beatt.

The sunflower's statuesque charm and radiant hues truly come to life, making it a delightful addition to any room.
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Each month is a delightful surprise,as this mini calendar treats us to stunning—full-color photographs that capture the uncultivated beauty of wildflowers. Their vivid colors and intricate patterns brighten up our days, transporting us to
-and forests.
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Bloom where you?re planted! Featuring the beautiful artwork of Jackie Decker
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This high quality floral 2024 calendar is perfect for flower fans. A vivid selection of flowers, while the large grid is ideal for the home and office with space for birthdays and notes.
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Flowers aren't just pretty to look at; they're like our secret superpowers! When we peek at flowers, even just pictures of them, it's like pressing a magical "feel-good" button inside us. Bam! Stress? Gone! And guess what else? Our noses practically dance, imagining the sweet, sweet smells!

Now, there's this awesome lady, Katie Hess. Call her the "Flower Whisperer"! She's trotted around the globe, from the jungles to the deserts, just looking for the coolest flowers ever. Why? To whip up her own special flower magic potions, of course!

And here's the cherry on top: Katie made this epic calendar! Each month, you're greeted by a jaw-dropping flower photo & a sprinkle of her flower wisdom. So, not only do we get to learn about flowers, but our days also become a tad bit brighter (and a whole lot flowery).
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Steven Meyers, the magician behind the camera, has been making flowers glow for almost twenty years! How? Well, you won't believe it, but he uses x-ray glasses... Nope, not those you see in comic books, but a real x-ray camera!

Think of it like taking a peek inside a chocolate cake to see all the delicious layers. But instead of cake, we're looking at flowers, and trust us, what's inside is way more exciting!

In this newest 2024 edition, Steven has gathered thirteen of his most spellbinding pictures. And boy, oh boy, do these flowers dance! They show us all the secret sparkles hidden inside that we can't usually see. It's like a party inside each flower, and we're all invited!

Want to make sure you don't forget grandma's birthday or the day you need to feed Mr. Whiskers, your pet goldfish? Steven's Flower Spirits isn't just a feast for your eyes— it's a handy calendar, too. Talk about flower power!
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2024 Lilies Calendar! Did you know that there are around 90 different species of lily? They grow all over the world in tropical to moderate climates, in every environment from valleys to mountains. This flower calendar will take you through a year of vibrant and variety with these beautiful, many colored flowers.
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This high quality floral 2024 calendar is perfect for gardening fans. A beautiful flower is featured to represent each month of the year, while the large grid is ideal for the home and office with space for birthdays and notes.
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Unveiling the Benefits of a Flower Calendar

Perks of Having Flower Calendar

Connect with Nature, from the Comfort of Your Own Home

The first benefit of having a flower calendar is the connection it allows you to have with nature. Yes, it’s not the same as a refreshing, heart-pumping hike through the mountains—but it can bring a bit of that nature vibe right into your

  • living room,
  • office, 
  • or kitchen. 

Seeing a different flower each month can make you feel closer to the great outdoors, without ever having to leave your home.

Remember, it’s not about replacing real interactions with nature— it’s about bringing a bit of it into your daily life. 

Learn About Different Flowers – One Month at a Time!

Flower calendars are like special picture books that teach us about flowers. 

Maybe you’ve heard of roses and tulips, but have you ever heard of 

Every time you turn your calendar page is a new chance to expand your floral knowledge. 

You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn about flowers, just by having a calendar! From their names to 

  • their blooming seasons, 
  • and even their native regions. 

By the end of the year, you’ll be a walking, talking encyclopedia of flowers.

Think about it – you could be the star of your next trivia night or the resident flower expert at your local gardening club. 

Just imagine the looks of awe on people’s faces when you tell them the Narcissus blooms in winter or the Marigold is a summer bloom.  

Brighten Up Your Space

Who doesn’t like a pop of color in their space? A flower calendar is an easy and affordable way to liven up any room.  

But it’s not just about making your space look good. Research has found that different colors can make us happy, sad, or even calm—It said that colors can affect our mood. 

  • Bright colors like yellow and orange can boost happiness and energy levels, 
  • while cool colors like blue and green can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

With a different flower each month—your flower calendar is like a rotating art exhibit. 

It Makes for a Great Conversation Starter

Ever been stuck in an awkward silence with a guest (whom you never met before), not knowing what to say next? We’ve been there,and it’s not fun. That’s where your flower calendar comes in. 

It’s an excellent conversation starter!

Imagine this scenario: Your friend notices the calendar hanging on your kitchen wall. “That’s a beautiful flower,” they say, pointing at the picture of a pink lily for the month of June. 

Booooom! You have a conversation. 

You can talk about

  •  the name of the flower, 
  • where it originates from, 
  • its blooming season

and before you know it, awkward silence is no more, just a thing of the past.

A Reminder to Appreciate the Small Things

A flower calendar can serve as a gentle reminder to stop and appreciate the little joys in our busy, messy, uncluttered, chaotic (you name it) lives

After all, not all flowers are grand and showy. Some are 

  • small, 
  • delicate, 
  • and require a closer look to truly appreciate their beauty.

Every day,when you see the flower of the month on your calendar—take a moment to deeply look at it and notice how beautiful and special it is. 

Just doing this can help you 

  • get into a good habit of being thankful, 
  • and paying attention to little things in your life. 

It’s like taking a tiny step every day to be happier!

Sparks Curiosity and Wanderlust

Many flower calendars feature flowers from different parts of the world— sparking curiosity and a sense of wanderlust.

Seeing a flower native to Japan might inspire you to add it to your travel bucket list. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be admiring that very flower in a Japanese garden!

It Makes for a Perfect Gift!

We saved the best for last. A flower calendar makes for a perfect gift! Whether it’s for 

  • a birthday, 
  • holiday, 
  • or ‘just because’, 

a flower calendar is a 

  • thoughtful 
  • and beautiful gift 

that can be enjoyed all year round.

How to Choose Your Perfect Flower Calendar

How to Choose Flower Calendar

Pinpointing Your Needs for a Flower Calendar

The first point of order is to understand the reason behind your need for a flower calendar. 

Now, you might think a calendar is just merely a calendar. But, hang on a minute! Ask yourself: 

  • Is it a tool to organize your day-to-day appointments?
  • Is it a decorative element to add some vibe to your living room wall? 
  • Do you want it to inspire you?
  • Do you want it to provide you with daily floral facts?
  • Is it a gift for a green-thumbed friend?

A calendar that is just meant for tracking dates can have a simple design.

But if it is to serve as an art piece or a source of daily inspiration— you may want to go for a calendar that features stunning floral photography or botanical illustrations. 

You might even want a calendar that gives you gardening tips and trivia if you’re a plant lover yourself or gifting one to a friend who is.

Determining the Right Size and Layout for Your Calendar

Just like bean bag chairs, size does matter when it comes to calendars too! Before you jump into purchasing a flower calendar, take a moment to measure the space where you plan to hang or place it.

Consider the layout of the calendar as well. 

  • Do you prefer a month-at-a-glance type with ample space to write your appointments and reminders? 
  • Or maybe you fancy a day-at-a-page style where each page offers a new flower and some facts about it.

Then, pay attention to the size of the numbers and text. 

Make sure they’re legible from the distance you’ll usually be viewing them. There’s nothing more frustrating than squinting from your desk trying to figure out if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday!

Prioritizing Design and Quality for Lasting Appeal

The design and quality of the flower calendar should not be overlooked either. 

A calendar with bright, clear images will brighten up any room and serve as a point of interest. Especially for a flower calendar— where the vibrant colors and delicate details of each bloom are a key part of the appeal.

Quality also plays a part. A high-quality calendar printed on durable paper will last the year without becoming dog-eared or faded. 

After all, just like you wouldn’t want your bean bag chair to start sagging after a couple of months, you don’t want your calendar to start looking worn out before the year is up.

Also, remember to check if the calendar is eco-friendly – nowadays, many are printed on FSC-certified paper with vegetable-based inks— making them a green choice in more ways than one.

Choosing a Flower Calendar with Engaging Content and Themes

A calendar isn’t just about dates and days – it’s about months filled with 

  • fascinating facts, 
  • inspiring quotes, 
  • or captivating images. 

Especially for flower calendars, where each page can be a mini-lesson in botany or a burst of floral inspiration.

  • Do you love roses, sunflowers, tulips, daisy, orchids, or carnations? 
  • Maybe you’re into rare and exotic blooms? 
  • Or perhaps you’d like a calendar that teaches you something new each month. 

There’s absolutely a flower calendar for every kind of flower lover.

Some calendars offer interesting nuggets of information about 

  • each featured flower, 
  • their origins,
  • and symbolism. 

A calendar can be more than just a date tracker – it can be 

  • a conversation starter, 
  • an educational tool, 
  • and a source of joy, 

all rolled into one.

Finding a Flower Calendar that Fits Your Budget

You can find a reasonably priced flower calendar that fits your budget, but remember that sometimes—you get what you pay for.

Higher-priced calendars often feature 

  • higher quality paper, 
  • more detailed artwork, 
  • or exclusive photographs. 

On the other hand,there are also a lot of more affordable options that don’t compromise on quality and design.

So, decide on your budget,but don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars if you find a calendar that you really love. After all, you’ll be looking at it every day for a year!

Considering the Versatility of Your Flower Calendar

Versatility isn’t a word you usually associate with calendars, but hear us out. Just like a bean bag chair can be more than a seat (it can be a footrest, a makeshift bed, or even a pet’s throne), a flower calendar can be more than just a date tracker.

Some calendars can double as a piece of wall art. 

At the end of the year, you can cut out the images and frame them. If you choose a calendar with botanical illustrations— you could even have a full year’s worth of art ready to display!

So, think beyond the year when buying your calendar – its life can be much longer!

Choosing a Flower Calendar that Matches Your Personal Style

Last in our guide, but certainly not the least important, is your personal preference. Just as you wouldn’t buy a bean bag chair in a color or fabric you despise, don’t settle for a calendar that doesn’t make you smile.

Whether you’re a fan of 

  • pastel watercolors or vibrant photography, 
  • minimalistic designs or informative layouts,

choose a calendar that reflects your style and taste. 

This calendar is something you’ll be seeing every day—so it should be something you genuinely enjoy.

Final Thoughts 

A flower calendar is much more than just a set of daily reminders. Imagine it being like your cheerful friend that faithfully watches over your wall, keeping you accompanied by images of 

  • splendid blossoms, 
  • vibrant fields, 
  • and serene gardens 

… every single day of the year.

Choosing the right calendar is like inviting 12 delightful blooms to share your morning cup of tea with. Misplace your step, and you’re hitched to a wall-blossoming daisy for a complete celestial journey.

But don’t break into hives! With our roster above, you’re absolutely on track to sidestep any floral faux pas. To jog your memory, here are our top picks for flower calendar:

If you’re feeling lost in the wide field of calendars (like trying to find a petal in a poppy field), just breeze back to our list.  

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