8 Best Truck Calendars 2024 That Turn Every Month into a Trucking Journey

Best Truck Calendar

In the world of wheels, a truck calendar is not just a simple way to keep track of dates—it’s a thrilling journey through the magnificence of massive machinery for all truck enthusiasts.

Imagine this: with each turn of the month, you’re greeted with a majestic display of horsepower and engineering—a snapshot of rugged terrains conquered or picturesque highways traveled. For those who pulse with the roar of engines and the hum of tires—this monthly revelation is an unmatched delight!

Join us as we journey down the asphalt path of the Top 20 Truck Calendar 2024 which promises to fuel your year with adventure and awe.

[Top 8] Best Truck Calendar 2024

This calendar brings the best of Ford's iconic pickup trucks right to your wall.

Each month, we're treated to jaw-dropping, full-color photographs that capture the rugged beauty of these American legends. The durable construction ensures this calendar can handle whatever life throws its way, with sturdy paper that won't curl or bleed through, and a binding that keeps it going strong for the entire 16 months.

What we love most is the extra value it offers: 12 full monthly pages and a bonus spread of the final four months of the preceding year, with an additional image! It's like getting a truckload of awesomeness in one package.
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This gem celebrates the heart and soul of American craftsmanship with stunning photography that'll make your heart race like a vintage V8 engine!

Each month is a trip down memory lane with full-color photos that capture the essence of these timeless trucks. And the durable construction? It's like they've built this calendar to withstand off-road adventures!

The spacious day blocks give us ample room to jot down our plans, while the bonus spread featuring the last four months of the previous year is a thoughtful touch.
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This calendar isn't just a bunch of dates; it's an adrenaline-fueled journey into the heroic world of firefighting.

Larry Shapiro's expert curation brings us heart-racing snapshots of real-life firefighters in the midst of their daring rescues. With each turn of the page, we get to admire the incredible on-scene photography of fire trucks in the heat of action.

The informative captions give us the lowdown on the vehicles, locations, and the brave souls responding to emergencies. It's like having our personal guide through the hero-making world of firefighting.
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This calendar is not just a timekeeper; it's a treasure trove of automotive wonders. Each day, you'll be greeted by a full-color, multi-million dollar collection of classic automobiles and pickup trucks, reminding you of the golden era when automobiles were true works of art.
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This little gem is not your ordinary kitchen towel— it's a delightful blend of functionality and charm. Crafted from 100% cotton, its vibrant print on linen-look fabric brightens up any kitchen space.

At 17 inches wide and 27.5 inches long, it's the perfect size for multiple uses.

What we love most is its dual purpose – not only is it a calendar, but it's also a kitchen towel that can be cherished forever. The inclusion of a dowel and cord makes displaying it a breeze, and it comes neatly packaged in a mailable gift box. Talk about practicality!
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This calendar doesn't just show dates; it's a journey through the ages of America's beloved Ford pickups. The foil-stamped cover adds a touch of class to your space.
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This calendar not only keeps us organized but also brings joy to our hearts with 12 months of Susan Winget's Red Truck paintings showcasing cozy home and country scenes. The full-color images splash life onto our walls, and the elegant linen-embossed paper stock adds a touch of sophistication. No more pesky tears, thanks to the brass hanging grommet, ensuring this beauty lasts all year.
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This calendar showcases the sheer awesomeness of muscle cars fused with the practicality of trucks. We're talking about unrivaled horsepower and torque packed into these beefy machines, perfect for those who crave speed and power.

Each month, we're treated to stunning visuals of these muscle trucks in action, reminding us why we fell in love with them in the first place. It's like witnessing a wild Mustang mating with a robust Ford F-150, giving birth to these extraordinary hybrid beasts. Each page captures the essence of speed, style, and strength that these American muscle trucks bring to the table.
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Benefits of Having a Truck Calendar

Perks of Having Truck Calendar

A Visual Journey

Picture this: with the dawning of a new day, and as the aroma of your morning coffee wafts through the air—you open up your truck calendar to reveal a splendid image of a hulking machine gracing the road. 

Whether it’s a sleek, aerodynamic semi, or a vintage pick-up truck full of rustic charm, your calendar brings you a daily dose of these automotive marvels. Each picture captures 

  • the raw power, 
  • innovative engineering, 
  • and aesthetic appeal 

of these grand titans of the road.

Awe-inspiring Knowledge

The allure of a truck calendar goes beyond the pictures. It serves as your personal guide to the awe-inspiring world of trucks. Each page uncovers a treasure trove of fascinating tidbits about the vehicle featured for the day. Get to know about

  • the truck’s make, 
  • model, 
  • engine specifications, 
  • history, 
  • and unique features. 

You’ll feel as if you’re holding a mini-encyclopedia of trucks right at your fingertips, every single day!

Conversation Kick-starter

Flipping open a new page of your truck calendar every day is more than a daily ritualit’s a conversation starter. Your newfound knowledge allows you to impress friends, family, and colleagues alike with interesting facts about the truck of the day. Who knew that discussing horsepower, payload capacity—or the historical significance of a vintage truck model could be so much fun!

Appreciation of Design & Engineering

As your journey through the calendar continues, you’ll find yourself developing a profound appreciation for the blend of design and engineering that makes each truck unique. Whether it’s 

each reveals a fascinating interplay between form and function. 

You’ll come to appreciate the aesthetic appeal and the underlying engineering prowess that goes into every truck.

Motivational Power

Let’s not forget about the motivational power of a truck calendar. Every image of a truck thundering down an open road or effortlessly traversing a rugged terrain is a symbol of 

  • resilience, 
  • power, 
  • and forward momentum.

It’s a daily reminder that no matter what obstacles we face, we have the strength and determination to overcome them— just like these magnificent machines.

A Window into the Past and Future

With your truck calendar, every day is a journey through the timeline of trucking history. It might take you back to admire the classic models from the golden era of trucking—or catapult you into the future with cutting-edge electric trucks that herald a new age of sustainable transport. 

This daily ride through the past, present, and future of trucking is like having your personal time machine!

Therapeutic Value

Believe it or not, your truck calendar can also serve as a form of therapy. The daily ritual of unveiling a new truck and absorbing the accompanying details can be calming and meditative. It’s a small chunk of time you set aside for yourself — to learn, to appreciate, and to escape into the world of trucks. 

It’s like a daily mini-vacation for your mind.

Tangible Passion

A truck calendar serves as a testament to your passion for trucks. Whether you’re 

  • an automotive enthusiast, 
  • a mechanic, 
  • a trucker, 
  • or someone who simply loves the raw appeal of these vehicles, 

your calendar is a daily expression of this passion. 

It’s a way to surround yourself with what you love and a subtle statement to others about your interest.

There you have it. A truck calendar is not just a collection of images — it’s a source of knowledge, conversation, appreciation, motivation, and even therapy. It’s a way to fuel your passion and share it with others.  

Choosing a Truck Calendar: Wheeling in the Right Choice

How to Choose Truck Calendar

Choosing a calendar can be as complex as selecting the right gear for a cross-country truck haul. There are so many routes to take – diesel or gasoline, big rig or pickup, vintage or modern trucks… 

The choices are as numerous as the miles on a long haul. 

But fret not, fellow trucking enthusiast! We’re here to navigate the road with you on your journey to find the perfect truck calendar. So, let’s put the pedal to the metal and hit the highway, shall we?

Select Truck Calendars with Superior Image Quality & Diversity

First stop on our journey: image quality. When we mention quality, we’re talking about the equivalent of a crystal-clear windshield view on a sunny day.

You don’t want to squint at a fuzzy picture of a mysterious object and ask, “Is that a Ford F-150… or a kid’s toy truck?”

You crave to see 

  • each chrome detail sparkling in the sun, 
  • the powerful stance of an 18-wheeler, 
  • and the rugged charm of an old pickup.

Furthermore, diversity is critical. A genuine truck calendar doesn’t just present twelve static truck photos—it should offer a parade of trucking experiences—from a gleaming semi-truck powering down an interstate to a classic pickup basking in the glow of a sunset on a country road.

Opt for Calendars with Informative Annotations about Trucks

Our next pit stop: the finer details. The calendar should be more than a collection of stunning truck images—it should also be a treasure trove of information about these impressive machines.

It would be truck-astrophysically disappointing to have an eye-catching picture of a Peterbilt 389 without a riveting, enlightening caption to accompany it.

Keep an eye out for calendars that dish out 

  • facts about truck models, 
  • their history, 
  • and their role in industry and culture.

Imagine sprinkling casual truck facts into a conversation. (“Did you know, Dave, that semi-trucks can travel up to a million miles before they need an overhaul? Beat that with your Prius!”)

Look for Truck Calendars that Highlight Special Truck-Themed Dates

If you’re a true truck enthusiast, you’d likely value a calendar that earmarks special truck-related dates. This might encompass events such as 

  • National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, 
  • the anniversaries of iconic truck releases, 
  • or major trucking events like Truck Fest.

This isn’t just a cool add-on—it serves as a constant reminder to admire these robust vehicles throughout the year.

Ensure the Calendar Design and Layout are of Superior Quality

You’ll be referencing this calendar all year, so ensure it’s not only the trucks that are pleasing to the eye. The calendar should boast a sleek design and easily legible dates.

  • Is there ample space to scribble down job assignments and reminders? 
  • Or have the creators gone a bit overboard with their truck imagery, leaving no room for practicality?

Seek Truck Calendars with Engaging Elements

Should you stumble upon a truck calendar featuring engaging elements, you’ve struck gold. Crosswords, trivia, or challenges related to trucks can morph your calendar into a captivating learning resource.

Imagine this: you’re sipping your morning joe, testing your knowledge on truck trivia—since when did a calendar make you feel like you’re part of a History Channel special?


A truck calendar isn’t just about glossy images of robust tires and gleaming grilles. Oh, no! It’s like having a silent confidant hanging on your wall, reminding you of the revving engines, open roads, and the beautiful horizon… all year long. 

Think of it as therapy, but cheaper & without the couch.

Choosing the right calendar is like adopting 12 mechanical buddies to share your morning coffee with. Mess it up, and you’re stuck with a wall-hogging hitchhiker for 365 days. 

But don’t sweat it! With our list above, you’re sure to avoid any calendar potholes. Remember, it’s not just a date tracker; it’s a monthly burst of horsepower for your soul!

If you’re feeling lost in the vast world of calendars (like trying to find a mini truck in a monster truck rally), simply revisit our list. We’ve got your back! Here’s to a truck-filled, adrenaline-pumped 2024. #KeepOnTrucking~

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