Best Asian Art Calendars to Celebrate the Rich Artistic Traditions of Asia

Best Asian Art Calendar 2023

For people who love Asian culture and art, there is no better way to show your appreciation than by having an Asian art calendar. These calendars are a great way to document your favorite artwork. They can also act as a source of inspiration and motivation. 

There are many different types of Asian art calendars available, so whether you’re looking for one that highlights traditional Chinese painting or contemporary Japanese sculpture, you’ll be able to find the perfect one.

Top 21 Best Asian Art Calendars 2023

Why Would Anyone Want an Asian Art Calendar?

People may find this type of calendar appealing, especially if they are interested in Asian culture or art. Some people might find the diversity of the artwork interesting, while others may enjoy the aesthetic qualities of traditional Asian artwork.

Some people believe that calendars with diverse art themes are important because they help to promote cross-cultural understanding. By featuring different types of artwork from around the world, calendars can help people to see and appreciate similarities between cultures. 

They can also introduce people to new artists and creative styles, broadening their horizons and inspiring them to explore more of the world around them.

A good Asian Art calendar must include accurate information about the different art styles and periods represented, as well as an explanation of the significance of each date. 

Additionally, the calendar should be aesthetically pleasing, incorporating traditional and contemporary Asian art styles. It is important to include relevant historical facts about Asia and its art to add context to each photo or painting.

The Benefit of Owning an Asian Art Calendar

Asian art has been around for centuries, and its beauty and symbolism have captivated people all over the world. Owning a calendar themed around Asian art can be a beautiful addition to any home. Here are some of the benefits of owning an Asian art-themed calendar:

  • Asian art-themed calendars can be a beautiful and unique addition to your home or office decor.
  • They can inspire creativity and appreciation for the rich artistic traditions of Asia.
  • They can help you stay organized and on track throughout the year.
  • They can provide a daily dose of beauty and serenity in your daily routine.
  • They can support the preservation of Asian art and cultural heritage.
  • They can be a conversation starter and a source of educational information about Asian art and culture.
  • They can help you discover new artists and artistic styles from Asia’s regions and time periods.
  • They can provide a sense of connection to Asia’s rich history and culture.
  • They can make thoughtful and unique gifts for friends, family, and colleagues who appreciate Asian art and culture.
  • They can be a way to celebrate and learn more about the diverse artistic traditions of Asia.

How to Choose the Perfect Asian Art Calendar

Looking to add some Asian art flair to your Christmas decorating this year? Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect Asian art-themed calendar:

Think about what type of Asian art you are interested in. 

There are calendars available with artwork from all over Asia, such as Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. Or you could choose a calendar that features only Chinese or Japanese art.

Look for an artist who is well-known and respected within the Asian art community.

This will help you avoid buying an inferior product.

Consider your decor. 

If you have a modern home with sleek lines, an abstract calendar may not look as nice on your wall as a traditional Chinese or Japanese painting would. On the other hand, an ornament-style calendar may be more fitting if you have a more traditional or rustic setting. It all depends on what style you’re going for in your home.

Think about the mood you want to create.

If you’re looking for a cheerful and festive calendar, go for one with bright colors and lots of happy artwork. If you want something more subdued and reflective, go for a calendar with darker colors and muted images. Whatever your mood, make sure to choose an Asian art-themed calendar that reflects it!

Think about how many pages are included. 

Some calendars have a lot of artwork on each page, while others have just a few. If you want plenty of space to write down your commitments, go with a calendar with more pages.

Be sure to consider the calendar’s design and layout before making a purchase. 

Some calendars feature large, full-page images, while others are more compact and include smaller images. Make sure the art is large enough to be seen from a distance and that the calendar folds out easily so you can view all the images at once. Additionally, consider whether or not you want a hardcover or softcover version.

Consider the price when purchasing a calendar. 

While many artists charge high prices, there are also affordable options available. Do your research before purchasing to know what’s best for your budget.


In conclusion, Asian art calendars are popular for a variety of reasons. Some people appreciate the intricacies and beauty of Asian art, others find the seasons themed around different Asian countries inspiring, and still, others find the cultural diversity intriguing. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or want to explore Asia yourself, a calendar is a perfect way to do so!

A good Asian art-themed calendar should be visually appealing, informative, and inclusive. It should also feature contemporary Asian artists and their work, as well as historical and traditional Asian art. calendars of this type, can be a great way to introduce Asian art to those who may not be familiar with it, and to celebrate the diversity and creativity of Asia’s artists.

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